Weaving for Love - Workshops in Canada

Our first of many Canadian summers - living, exploring and adventuring lead me (and Tristan, my amazing partner and Tech Wizard of The Woven Dream) to running some weaving workshops, something I was previously doing in parks or Air bnb’s I loved because I had a lot of trouble finding places that spoke my language and were aligned with my values and brand.

Weaving Workshop in July at Bluhouse Market and Cafe

A key factor in deciding to run these workshops in Canada was that it felt so simple for me let go of focusing on outcomes and expectations. Something I, like so many of us find really hard to do!

It was simple because I love running these workshops, teaching people a new creative meditation, connecting people to the land and our ancestors and teaching awareness around invasive species and the environment. I see great value in teaching others these skills and this brings me so much happiness, joy and gratitude!

Letting go of outcomes and following the heart often leads to magical situations perfectly aligned with our values deep in our souls.

Weaving Workshop at Bluhouse - Under and Ivy Basket by Jennifer Phillip

Letting go freed the time, space and energy to follow my heart and reminded me I can trust in the universe's grand plan. It’s not easy to feel like you can just drop your expectations. This is something that takes a lot of practice and work not to force things you want to happen and things often take time to align...but when something aligns so easily you know the universe is screaming at you and you should probably drop your self-doubt, listen in and take some action! 

Let go and trust in the universe - The Woven Dream

With this energy I was walking by Bluhouse Market and Café, I was drawn in and instantly resonated with their story and products, an saw the beautiful deck out back, all perfectly aligned with my workshops and brand and this was the day Bluhouse was forever woven into our story. More on this story here.

The most important thing for me is to connect with the love I have for these workshops and the people drawn to them, this silences the ego’s attachment to outcomes and expectations and lets the universe work its magic.

Weaving Workshop The Woven Dream

Although seemingly simple on the surface, my weaving workshops hide some serious power – connecting a group of individuals to an ancient tradition, guiding them through not only a creative process but their own self-doubt and internal resistance and shifting the group into a collective state of meditation and harmony is energy work.

....and like any energy work, I have to clear all my own shit, self-doubt and internal resistance before I begin teaching, it's a massive process every time let me tell you, but totally worth it to benefit the environment and the lives of many people I connect with.

The Woven Dream will be back in Canada from June to October 2017 with more workshops and retreats for private groups and open workshops at Bluhouse. 
Special treats, local organic produce, meditation, creation and connection - all woven into the coming journey with us! 

Please ensure to contact me to get on the 2017 Weaving Workshop + Retreat Wait List, and ensure to sign up and Join the Tribe so you don't miss the updates, these fill quickly!

More on The Journey and Bluhouse story!

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